Where does the name AdBlue come from?

AdBlue was created by an international working group VDA (Verband Der Automobilindustry E.V.) is a registered trade mark with world wide property rights a licence is required.

Has the technology been field tested?

AdBlue has been driven and tested over millions of kilometres. It has also been tested under extreme weather conditions, in Spain and Finland.

What is the life storage of AdBlue?

AdBlue's storage life is up to maximum of one year. It has to be kept in in the correct conditions, for instance correct temperature, making sure packaging is sealed.

What is special about AdBlue?

AdBlue is a pure solution. It is reliable after extensive testing and is environment friendly.

What happens if a heavy duty engine runs without AdBlue?

This will result in crossing the allowed emission levels, for the diesel engine runs in a fuel optimized way, which has a negative impact on the NOx emission. For that reason sensors are placed in the exhaust pipe to measure the NOx emission. The measurement results are stored in the OBD-system (On Board Diagnostic) and are periodically controlled.

Can diesel be mistaken for AdBlue?

To prevent this from occurring, measurements have been implemented on the interface between the AdBlue tank and the fuel pump nozzle. The diameter of the AdBlue fuel pump nozzle is smaller than for the diesel. This prevents diesel being filled into the AdBlue tank.

What materials are suitable for use with AdBlue and which are unsuited?

Plastics and stainless steels do not cause any problems. Strictly avoid contact with copper, zinc and mostly Aluminium. AdBlue contaminated with these elements damages the catalyst.

What incentives are there for low-pollutant vehicles in Europe?

Adblue in Britain

Reduction of the road tax (vehicle excise duty).

Adblue in Germany

lower toll charges; EURO 4 until 1st October 2006; EURO 5 until 1st October 2009.

Adblue in the Netherlands

The depreciation (VAMIL) of the truck can be deducted in the first year of use, instead of over its economic service life (max. 45,000 €).

One-off additional tax deduction (MIA) of 15 % of the purchase price (max. 6,750 €).

Reduced price of the Euro-vignette, depending on the emission class of the truck's engine.

Adblue in Denmark and Sweden

Reduced price of the Euro-vignette, depending on the emission class of the truck's engine.

Adblue in Austria

Exemption from the ban on night-time driving on the Inntal motorway between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus Depending on the Euro standard of the truck, permits for transit traffic to and from Western European countries (EU + CH + N) are limited (CEMT regulation); low-pollutant trucks are granted more generous quotas to companies located in these countries.

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