Todays industrial vehicles house powerful, refined engines that require supreme performance oils, LOW SAPS technology and common rail engines which demand only the most efficient product available.

We have a complete range of synthetic and semi-synthetic oils to meet the latest Euro 6 performance levels, E9 15w/40 mineral oils to meet the latest Euro 5 performance levels and E7 15w/40 extended drain for Euro 3 & 4 levels from numerous top quality manufacturers.

To run in partnership with these engine oils we have a complete range of Gear oils, GL4 & 5, LS90, EP90, ATF 2 & 3.

Our range of greases are of the highest quality, from 5th wheel grease, auto lube and high temperature grease we can supply the whole package. Our UK and Global distribution makes us an ideal candidate to supply the most comprehensive fleet available.

We supply products from many manufacturers, including:

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