Motoring in the modern world is fast moving, engine and transmission lubrication is moving just as fast. With engine technology so advanced, the need for quality, high specification lubrication is critical.

Normac Oils has a comprehensive range of engine and transmission lubricants to meet the highest standards and demands of the modern car. Whether you need a premium 5w/30, 5w/40, 10w/30 or 10w/40, the latest LOW SAPS, fully or semi-synthetic for your BMW, Audi, Ford, Land Rover, Mitsubishi and everything in-between, we have the oil for you.

Normac Oils only supply top quality grades, from top quality manufacturers, available in 5ltr, 20ltr, 205ltr, 1,000ltr and bulk, with full UK coverage, we are confident we have the product you require.

We supply products from many manufacturers, including:

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